You @ The CORE You @ The Core

Personal leadership workshops for leaders, and potential leaders to better understand themselves and their roles.

CORE Workshops

You @ The CORE

A two-day (three days for nearby overseas venues) personal leadership workshop to help leaders and potential leaders examine their motives and agenda, roles, motivation, leadership styles, strengths and fears; factors that could influence their future as leaders of the organisation.

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Three Gold Rings
Three Gold Rings

A one day workshop that examines what drives people in the organisation to succeed, and what demotivates them. It is important for a leader understand this when managing his/her staff. It determines whether the team is with the leader or not. How much the staff is willing to cooperate and support the leader can make or break productivity, morale and careers. This knowledge could save the leader many sleepless nights and much time spent resolving staff issues and conflicts.

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How The Ant Moved The Mountain
How The Ant Moved The Mountain

A one/two day team-building workshop that uses games, self and team reflection, to explore the characteristics and behaviour of what makes a highly motivated, championship team AND very importantly, how to build one.

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How Your Ocean Influences Your Tide
How Your Ocean Influences Your Tide

Using Big 5 (OCEAN) to influence others effectively. This is a one-day workshop to help leaders understand the 5 traits that influence their behaviour and results (and the result the behaviours and results of their staff). As part of the program, two assessment are administered; both conduct in a very engaging and experientially; the day is spent getting to truly understand oneself as individuals, leaders and team mates.

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Bond @ The CORE Bond @ The Core

Activities to bond, build stronger relationships and have fun with the team.

Team Playing

Where participants play games and have fun; usually no specific or objectives besides fun. e.g. Activities like ice-cream making, terrarium making, drum circle, tile painting etc.

Team Bonding

High energy, activity driven, feel-good event; usually activity focussed, with broad objectives like bonding for better communication, getting to know each other more personally; the purpose is to have fun and improve the bonds in the team. Team issues are not usually surfaced. Expect lots of fun and engagement.

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Team Empowerment™

High energy to facilitate learning as a team. Participants learn through both positive and negative reinforcements, to work, live and behave as team. The programs are always activity based, objective-centred and outcome-driven. The program can be customised to the clients needs (see How The Ant Moved The Mountain). Participants often experience personal and/or career breakthroughs and are equipped with the framework and the tools for building strong and motivated teams. There could be follow up programs to narrow or close any identified gaps and to coach potential leaders.

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FREE Activities Just For You This New Year

Running man Race - There is no ‘I’ in TEAM-WORK

Divide & Conquer

HOLEY MOLEY - The activity that breaks down cliques and silos in your team

COBRA Bomb Domino Effect - the perfect activity for millennials

Knowing Me, Knowing You, Ah-Ha!

The POKEMON Dilemma: How to Catch ‘Em All?

Global Breakthrough


MISSION I’m possible — Escape from Doom

The PIRATES of the Caribbean

MASTER of the Sea




FISH Market

YES! It Is Good to be KING



ART JAM – The Google Factory

CONQUER and RULE – The cooperation game

The HURT Locker — BOMB Disposal Experts

Criminal Minds-BAU: The Deeper Truth!

The Way of The DRAGON
(Special CNY Activities)

Build The CORE Build The Core

Skills building workshops for leaders to learn the finer and necessary aspects of leadership and for improved results.

Key Programs

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Inspire The CORE Inspire The CORE

Train leaders to be great trainers, facilitators and mentors.


Customised program to help your trainers / supervisor impart skills and knowledge to their down-line effectively.

The Leading Presenter

How to present and communicate with confidence, influence and impact as a leader for maximum effectiveness.

The Powerful Presenter

How to present ideas and concepts and completely engage your audience using the accelerated learning methodology and games.

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Coach The CORE Coach The CORE

Coaching leaders for personal breakthroughs and new results.

You have a manager who shows potential for a leadership role. He/She produce result repeatedly. You know he/she is capable of even more. The glaring set back however is that the rest of your staff loathes working with him/her. You are concerned about promoting the manager because morale and results may suffer.

CORE has a team of experienced and certified executive coaches who are trained to help you in these situations. One to one structured coaching sessions, with an experienced coach, could help your leaders achieve greater personal and career results through new awareness, acceptance and understanding about themselves and their own potential.

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